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About Wesabi

Finding reliable help could really be a daunting task in our community. One of our Cofounder had just moved to a new apartment in a suburb in Abuja. He needed a


to get his leaking sink fixed, and an


to install the ACs in his new apartment. He naturally had to use the most popular method of getting Artisans like


etc. in various neighbourhoods, calling friends, who in turn call friends and friends of friends to recommend an Artisan. Not only was the process extremely cumbersome, it lacked any form of quality assurance. After so many calls to various recommended Artisans, whom kept saying “Oga, I dey road” and never showed up. He had to resort labels of Artisans contact details on uncompleted building and fences to get the plumber and the AC repair man who eventually came to do the work, and even after this, the work was a very awful job done. This entire process took about 3 weeks, so difficult and so manual.

This is what birth WESABI; creating a platform where Africans starting with Nigerians could come request for a RELIABLE AND WELL-TRAINED PLUMBER, ELECTRICIAN, AC REPAIR TECHNICIAN, PAINTER, CLEANER, WASHING MACHINE AND REFRIGERATOR REPAIR TECHNICIAN anything that had to with home or office repairs with a push of button.

We believe not only in offering the customers with the best professional


in their neighbourhood but also if we empower the well-trained
by providing them with an increase revenue and a larger pool of clients, we will in turn encourage the majority, whom are not properly trained to go get a proper education in their skill because without that, they won’t be able to get on our platform. These chain reactions could be what Africa needs in breeding the right set of well trained, and highly skilled professionals out there.

If by any chance you are looking to get proper and reliable ARTISANS/HANDYMEN, RANGING FROM CARPENTERS, PLUMBERS, ELECTRICIANS, AC REPAIR TECHNICIANS, CLEANERS, WASHING MACHINE REPAIR TECHNICIANS, REFRIGERATOR REPAIR TECHNICIANS etc., then you are at the right place. It takes just two minutes to make your request.

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*Terms and Conditions apply. Included Task activities only.
How Wesabi works
Wesabi finds you affordable, trained and thoroughly vetted workers for both Domestic and Commercial needs.


Tell us what you need done. It's FREE to post.


Our matching algorithm identifies & alerts the best available worker in your neighborhood for the Job. Contact details are only shared between you two.


Make payment only when Job is done & review worker; It holds them accountable.

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Home Cleaning & Laundry

Tiling & Painting

Generator Repairs

Washing Machine Repairs

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₦ 1,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance. 100% Protection Guaranteed.

Wesabi provides Insurance protection which covers property damage or rare theft. No hidden charges and no additional fees for Wesabi Insurance protection. Each Worker and every single qualified Task are secured.

Have an ultimate peace of mind knowing that every eligible task you request is covered by the Wesabi Insurance. Want to know what's even better? It's absolutely FREE!

*Terms and Conditions apply. Included Task activities only.
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From extensive initial background checks to maintaining a pool of best rated Workers, you can be sure to only getting matched with most reliable and trust worthy Wesabipro. After all, trust is what makes Wesabi work.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Included Task activities only.

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The amount you and the Wesabipro agree on is all you pay! There are no extra or hidden fees. It’s completely free to book.

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Checkout verified Wesabipros to make sure you hire the best person for the job until you're happy the task is complete.

Safe Payments

Payments are made by bank-transfer, cash or online via our secure payment process - credit card information is never shared or stored.

MasterCraft Certified

WesabiPros receive a seal of authenticity from Mastercraft that certifies they're fully licensed professionals who will take care of every need.

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